Alumni Spotlight

We are so proud of our Lakeview alumni!   

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Bryan Brimhall


I am very lucky to have had such a great experience with the teachers who now teach at Lakeview Elementary and my other classmates. I had a severe speech impediment that the teachers and speech therapists helped me overcome. I received a solid education and relationships that I will always cherish. I always look back at my time with these teachers with great fondness.

After elementary school, I went to Dixon, Provo high, then across the street to BYU and then the U of U for medical school. I am currently a senior resident in Internal medicine and future chief medical resident at the University of Colorado.

 The Lakeview teachers helped give me a solid base to grow on throughout the rest of my life.

We are so proud of you Brian!


Michael Padeken 

Michael Padeken

“...A good role model is somebody you can look to that they are just the way they are but they invite you to be somebody you didn’t ever think you could be.  I struggled in elementary school.  I qualified for Special Ed.  School was pretty much a struggle from grade school all the way up until my last two years in high school.  Mr. Rowley was my 6th grade teacher.  I felt like a person in his class, like somebody.  From that point on it pretty much made the difference for me staying in school, sticking it out and even helping me decide to become a teacher.”

Michael, a teacher who once struggled as a young student, is now a role model for his own class of 4th grade students.

Click here to see a video of Michael on BYU TV

We are so proud of you Michael!


Rebekah Lundskog

Rebekah Hafen

"I feel so fortunate to have had such caring and exceptional teachers during my elementary school years.  Thanks to my great experience there, I learned to love learning and developed the desire to become a teacher myself.  I hope to be the kind of role model and example to my students as my teachers were to me."

Rebekah graduated from Provo High School with academic honors and received the T.H. Bell Education Full Tuition Scholarship.  She graduated in Education from Brigham Young University and is currently teaching 3rd grade at Grovecrest Elementary School in Pleasant Grove.

We are so proud of you Rebekah!



Nicole Sarkady


"One of my favorite memories was being the group leader of our multiplication math unit in 4th grade!  Mrs. Wing pushed students to their full potential and taught them great leadership skills through peer teaching."

Nicole graduated from Mountainland Applied Technology College (M.A.T.C) as a CNA the summer before her Senior year of high school.  She graduated from Provo High with Honors.  She is currently working as a CNA and attending M.A.T.C to earn her Medical Assistant Certificate.

We are so proud of you Nicole!