Teacher at Desk

Principal's Message

November 2017

The school costume parade was great. The weather was wonderful and we all enjoyed being outside. It is always nice to have so many visitors come to the school events. We appreciate all the involvement that parents are able to show for this fun activity. Having parent support and involvement is so important for a school to be successful. We appreciated the chance to meet during parent conference as well. Hopefully you feel good about the communication from school and have seen your student progress academically. I hope everyone appreciates the weekly newsletter and recognizes the amount of effort it takes to gather the information, compile it, and put it together so we can send the newsletter out each week. We have started to post regularly on the Lakeview Facebook page. Check it out and “friend” us. Communicating is important to us and we attempt to keep everyone informed through several formats. It is a constant challenge.

I look forward to our first “Arts Night” on Monday the 13th. There are so many talented young people here at Lakeview. This will give the opportunity to showcase some of that talent.

We appreciate the efforts to get your students here and on time. It does make a difference. Habits and patterns established in elementary school stay with students through their entire school experience. Please continue to emphasize the importance of punctuality and attendance. These next few weeks we have a great opportunity to reinforce the value of caring and sharing. I appreciate the PTA for sponsoring the food drive. This is a wonderful opportunity to share with those that need a helping hand. We are grateful to the PTA for working with us to provide support so the students have every opportunity to learn and succeed. We truly do have much to be thankful for.

October 2017

I believe we have had a great start to this new school year. We appreciate the PTA for organizing the family picnic. Events like this are great for our school culture. It is nice to have the Afterschool program going and I encourage any parents that would like a little extra help to have your students stay and participate. Our school community Council has been organized. Members are Silver Brown, David Gilliland, Katie Lott, Jamie Green, Rachel Luke, and Lavdie Huff representing parents. Mrs. Rose, Mrs. Hyden, Mrs. Snyder and myself represent the school. The council meets throughout the year. We will post contact information, schedule, agendas, and minutes on the school web site. I hope we here at school are reflecting the kind of opportunities for the students that you as parents would like. The community council is a great forum for input from parents. Our students have additional technology and software licenses as well as many hours of teacher’s assistants as a result of the Community Council and Trust land funds.

I am excited to have this new format for our newsletter. The 2-question survey is a great way for us to get a simple opinion about how parents feel. We want to work at continual growth and getting information about areas to improve will be very helpful. We also hope to see the good things that are happening validated by your response to those questions when they come.

We are committed to using the school web page to keep families informed. Please check the school page, calendars and classroom pages to keep informed of current information.

With the change in weather we see an increase in lost and found jackets and coats. Students put them on for recess then get warm outside and take them off and leave them. Please put names inside the jackets and on lunch boxes and we can return them. We send boxes of lost coats and jackets to D.I. each summer.

The first week of October is our school Kindness Week. Students in the Kindness club have planned fun activities. Jeffrey R. Holland said, “What we say or don’t say, how we say it and when, is so very, very important in shaping a child’s view of himself or herself.” This is true of what students say to each other as well. We want to constantly encourage thoughtfulness in the way students interact with each other and hope the same is reinforced in the homes.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the “Halloween Parade” on the 30th. More information will come home as we get closer. We hope to parade outside but that is weather permitting. It is one of the best-attended events of the year and it is always nice to see so much support from parents and family. The students really do feel special. As always, thanks for your interest and support. It is a pleasure to work with such fine students and families!

September 2017

 Welcome back to another great year at Lakeview Elementary. This school year we are all anxious to create a fantastic experience for the students. We appreciate the great attitude that we have felt from students and parents. I have enjoyed the school open house and the first days of school. I would like to extend an invitation to join the PTA. On September 18 we will have a family picnic. Data about our students and their success in school will be shared. I want to continue to promote school spirit and encourage everyone to wear green or blue on Fridays. Please try to set aside a shirt for Friday that is our school colors. I would hope our students are proud to be part of Lakeview School and neighborhood. I appreciate the efforts of parents, PTA and our Community Council. We have great volunteer leadership at Lakeview. These parents spend a good amount of time helping our school be a great place. I encourage everyone to be involved in supporting these groups and the school activities they put together. We continue to add technology and software purchased with school trust land money. We feel we can better meet the needs of each student from re-teaching to enrichment with the help of technology. Several of the programs give license for you to use at home to reinforce the learning. We hope this year brings continued success for each student. I am sure we have many hopes as we have started a new school year. I hope we continue to create an environment where each child feels cared for and important. I hope parents have confidence in sending their children to us, knowing we will do whatever we can to enrich the student’s experiences. I hope each teacher has the support they need to truly make a difference. We pledge as a school staff to create a nurturing environment where the students feel important and learn to treat each other in kind ways. Thanks for all you each do to help the school be a positive place. Let’s each take responsibility to contribute any way we can.