Lakeview Reading Program                                      

I am excited to announce a new reading program for the 2018-2019 school year.    Every student will participate in the "Road to Success" program instead of filling out a bookmark each month.   There are 5 other reading programs that are optional for students to participate in. They are:  Book Challenge, Caldecott 25 book award, Newbery Medal, Beehive Book Bingo, and Battle of the Books.  Information about each program is listed below.  Happy reading!


Road to Success

Days read will be recorded online by each student.  Your teacher will give you your log in information.  If you read and log 20 days each month, you will receive a prize in the library at the end of the month. There are also coins, badges, and levels to reach on the RTS website.  If you have questions about this program, there is a FAQ's page.

Book challenge

In this challenge, you can achieve, bronze, silver, or gold by reading books from different genres and non fiction books. To see all the details of this program, click here. Pick up a chart from Mrs. Hansen to keep track of your reading or click here to print your own

Caldecott 25 book award

Spin the wheel for every 8 books read.  See Mrs. Hansen for a list of Caldecott books and log or print one from here.

  • Read 25 Caldecott books you have never read.  

Newbery Medal

Every 5 Newbery books read = prize out of treasure chest and receive a medal.  See Mrs. Hansen for a list of Newbery books and log or print one from here.

  • 5 books = bronze medal
  • 10 books = silver medal
  • 15 books = gold medal
  • 25 books = Gold cup
  • 30 books = Highest honor. Get a $10 gift certificate to the book fair

Beehive Book Bingo

Read books from any Beehive Book Nominee Award List. Get a button for every 5 in a row.  Get a lanyard when you get your first 5 in a row.  See Mrs. Hansen to get a bingo card or click here.   Click here to see a list of beehive books. You may choose books from any year. 

Battle of the Books

  • Need to have 5 books from the battle of the books list read by December 15th
  • For every book read, a half page journal entry needs to be written. Bring your journal to Mrs. Hansen to approve.
  • 5 books read = peasant status, 10 books read = noble status, 15 books read = knight status, 20 books read = queen/king status.
  • Teams will be formed in January and then meetings will be held with assigned team during lunch. Teams will meet every other week until mid-February.  After that, teams will meet weekly. 
  • The first part of March we will hold battle week. At the end of battle week, an assembly will be held and the top two teams will compete.  The winner of the final battle will go on to the district battle held the end of March or beginning of April.